Google Glass was banned from certain Comic-Con program rooms

google glass comic-con

In an effort to keep super secret screenings from leaking, the augmented reality glasses were not permitted inside.

Comic-Con has now added itself to a growing list of locations that has created a ban for the Google Glass augmented reality headgear – at least when it came to certain parts of the event’s experiences.

The event organizers for Comic-Con felt that it was necessary to ban the augmented reality device from some screenings.

This is not at all out of the ordinary. Owners of Google Glass are finding that the number of places in which they are welcome to use the wearable technology is gradually declining. This is particularly true when it comes to locations in which copyrights are attempting to be protected. In this specific situation, while Comic-Con didn’t ban the use of the mobile devices altogether, the headgear was not permitted in screenings that were meant to be kept secret and private.

The reason is that Google Glass could easily record the screening without being detected.

google glass comic-conThe official Comic-Con website explained that the Glass headset is categorized in the same way as video cameras and smartphones, and it stated that the people in attendance of the event “cannot wear Google Glasses during footage viewing in any program room.” This mean that Explorers who were hoping to use or show offer their devices while at the event should not have expected to receive any special treatment and they were asked to remove the specs before participating in any of the screenings.

This action to ban the use of the devices at a screening is becoming quite commonplace. Movie theaters throughout the United States and the United Kingdom – the two countries in which the devices have been officially available on a limited basis – have been coming up with their own policies to stop customers from entering their cinemas while wearing the devices. This is done in an effort to stop people from using the devices to record counterfeit versions of the films.

It would be very easy for the wearers of Google Glass to attend an exclusive screening meant for fans at Comic-Con, to simply record what they see and then post it online to be viewed and shared by everyone. These policies are being created in the hopes to minimize those activities.

One Thought to “Google Glass was banned from certain Comic-Con program rooms”

  1. Thomas Wrobel

    Nothing remotely wrong with banning them here – it makes sense, they have secrets to protect.
    Its nothing like the craziness of cafe’s banning them (despite the cafes having their own CCTV cameras).

    Of course, its all based on trust anyway. If anyone wants to secretly record theres lots of discrete devices that can do it. Tiny cameras in buttons etc. “Spy” Tech is really cheap these days.
    The trust is people will only want to record if they didnt plan in advance to secretly record.

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