Google Glass creator drawn in by Amazon

augmented reality glasses google wearable technology

Following the launch of the online marketplace’s first smartphone this wearable technology expert has been lured in.

The expert at the head of the wearable technology development project for Google Glass is now moving over to one of the company’s direct rivals, Amazon, following the release of their Fire Phone smartphone.

One of the Google X directors, Babak Parviz, posted about the move on his Google+ page.

Parviz had been one of the heads at the secretive research lab where Google Glass was first born. He is leaving the search giant from Mountain View, California and is now headed toward the tremendous online marketplace. In his Google+ post, he didn’t provide any details about what his new projects would be, but he did add the comment “status: super excited” along with an image of the Amazon logo.

This expert was integral to the creation and development of Google Glass, the controversial wearables.

augmented reality glasses google wearable technologyHe posted a follow up message on his social media that stated that “I founded and led a few efforts at Google (among them, Google Glass and Google Contact Lenses are public so far) prior to moving to Amazon and work on a few other things now.”

A spokesperson from Amazon has confirmed that Parviz has been hired but would not provide any more information about the role that he would be playing within the company. He, himself, did not immediately respond to any email requests that were made in order to receive a comment on the subject, by the time of the writing of this article.

The announcement from Parviz comes on the heels of an announcement made by Amazon that it was launching its first smartphone, called the Fire Phone. That mobile device features 3D displays as well as apps that are being viewed by experts as opportunities to make mobile commerce shopping much easier for the gadget’s users.

Many of the rumors that are currently in circulation are now suggesting that the former Google Glass developer is joining Amazon’s own team for research and development projects. This is a considerable part of the company, which spent almost $6.6 billion (about 9 percent of its total annual revenue) on that department.

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