Facebook Creator app launches for video influencers

facebook creator app

The social network is hoping influencers will take the opportunity to build broader communities around content.

A new Facebook Creator app launched in the hopes of providing influencers with an opportunity to build strong video communities through the use of quality content. Social media celebrities could use this tool to further their reach and build stronger relationships.

The app provides influencers with a Live Creative Kit to enhance their broadcasts with intros and outros.

The Facebook Creator app also gives influencers a central inbox in which to view and respond to both Facebook and Instagram comments. It also lets them access Messenger chats and permits cross-posting with Twitter. A spectrum of analytics will help users to be able to better understand the activity being generated in order to continually fine tune content.

This new social media app hasn’t come out of nowhere. It first announced that the Creator application was on its way back at VidCon in June. This month represented its global launch on iOS. An Android version of the mobile app will also roll out within the next few months.

If the Facebook Creator app looks somewhat familiar, it’s because it’s an updated, rebranded version of Mentions.

facebook creator appFacebook first launched its Mentions application back in 2014. At that time, it the app was exclusive to verified pages and public figures. The new version of the application is available to everyone. Oddly, the listing for the Creator app continued to appear as “Mentions” at first launch. By the time this article was written, it remained unclear as to whether or not that would be updated and changed.

Both individual profiles and Facebook Pages can download the Creator application in order to be able to use all the additional tools for engaging with fans. Beyond the Facebook Creator app, the social network is also launching a website offering best practices for those with rising fan bases. These include examples of what other successful personalities are doing as well as an FAQ section full of helpful answers within this category.

“It’s a big priority for us to bring people closer together around meaningful content and the people who are meaningful to them,” said Fidji Simo, the vice president of video product at Facebook.

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