Batband mobile gadget plays tunes through the skull of the listener

batband headphones mobile gadget by studio banana

This new form of headphones uses a cutting edge bone conducting technology that is completely wireless.

The next generation of mobile gadget has now been invented in the form of the Batband headphones, which use a futuristic kind of technology that uses bone conducting to play music right through the skull of the wearer.

In this way, the sound is transmitted to the listener without having to worry about tangled wires.

This mobile gadget was created by a company based in London, called Studio Banana. Its headphones allow the sound waves to be sent right through the skull’s bones and into the inner ear, without requiring the user to wear earbuds or external headphones. This makes it possible for the wearer to remain fully aware of the sounds in his or her surroundings, as the ear remains completely unobstructed for hearing their environment. In this way, a person will be able to walk down the street and still hear someone calling his or her name, or will be aware of traffic along the way.

The company is now hoping to be able to manufacture and launch the mobile gadget through a crowdfunding campaign.

batband headphones mobile gadget by studio bananaStudio Banana had hoped to be able to use Kickstarter to be able to raise its goal of $150,000, and it has nothing to worry about, as it had already well exceeded that amount by the time of the writing of this article.

The way that this mobile technology works is to send sound waves directly into what is known as the “private” ear inside the head. This leaves the “social” ear completely unobstructed for hearing noises in the wearer’s surroundings. The mobile device has three different transducers embedded in it. Two of those transducers emit sound waves into the sides of the head of the wearer. The remaining one emits the sound waves into the back of the user’s head.

Though quite visible, the design of the mobile gadget is such that the actual sounds being emitted are highly discreet. This means that whatever the user is listening to will be virtually inaudible to the people around him or her.

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