The smartphone battery life secret was in your shower all along!

Smartphone battery life Computer cable and plug makes battery logo with lightening bolt battery pack

Scientists have found that loofah sponge carbon material could make lithium batteries last longer. In today’s lifestyle, we rely on our smartphone battery life to get us through each day. We use our mobile devices for everything from communication to learning or even just checking the time. However, as much as we are scraping by, better batteries are always needed. Technology growth requires that we give ourselves better rechargeable lithium batteries for our gadgets. As a result, scientists around the world are scrambling to find the next big thing in…

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Batband mobile gadget plays tunes through the skull of the listener

batband headphones mobile gadget by studio banana

This new form of headphones uses a cutting edge bone conducting technology that is completely wireless. The next generation of mobile gadget has now been invented in the form of the Batband headphones, which use a futuristic kind of technology that uses bone conducting to play music right through the skull of the wearer. In this way, the sound is transmitted to the listener without having to worry about tangled wires. This mobile gadget was created by a company based in London, called Studio Banana. Its headphones allow the sound…

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Top 5 tech gifts under $50 that you need to know for the 2014 holidays

holiday shopping top mobile tech gifts

It’s that time of year again and mobile devices and accessories are topping the lists for most wanted presents. When it comes to the absolute most-wanted presents that people are asking for and that will top the shopping lists throughout the 2014 holiday season, tech gifts are certainly way up there, but consumers need to be discerning to make sure that they are choosing gifts that will live up to the expectations of the recipients, but also that the gift-givers can afford. There are a number of high quality mobile…

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Smart tech department opens up at Dixons

Dixons smart tech mobile technology

The large electronics chain is now piloting a new category in its store meant for connectivity products. Dixons, the massive electronics and mobile devices superstore is now piloting a new department that is meant to draw more attention to smart tech and other various types of products that are linked to smartphones and tablets. The mobile devices in the department range from wearables to camera drones and everything in between. The new smart tech department is focused on various types of mobile devices that work in conjunction with smartphones and…

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Gadgets from Sony could skyrocket mobile photography

smartphone gadgets camera lens

Detachable camera lenses for smartphones could completely change the photo taking environment. Sony has unveiled its newest gadgets in the form of detachable smartphone lenses, which have the potential for changing the way that people take pictures using their mobile devices. Some wonder whether this will take off, or if this might simply be too niche to be mainstream. The Sony QX-10 and QX-100 gadgets function quite simply by connecting with the smartphone to become the viewfinder. These two stand alone lenses use either NFC technology or Wi-Fi in order…

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