Google CEO Pichai tells employees to fix Bard AI problems

Bard AI - Fixing Tech

The artificial intelligence function had a rocky launch, to say the least, with its unpredictable results.

A leaked Google memo issued company-wide by the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai has requested that employees use two to four hours from their day to improve Bard AI and make the search function usable.

Shortly after the botched unveiling, Google announced it knew the feature wasn’t ready for launch.

Employees at Google are now all a part of the company’s plan to work out all the kinks in the Bard AI function to help make sure it’s usable once it is ready to be rolled out. This will involve requiring thousands of the company’s employees to spend hours of their time working with the artificial intelligence so that the company can overcome the embarrassment it originally caused and be solid for its official release.

Bard AI - Receiving emails

The company-wide email at Google is requesting that two to four hours of the day of each employee be used testing the artificial intelligence system it plans to incorporate into its chat function. What isn’t yet evident is whether this request applies to all the Google workers worldwide.

Following the layoffs, this will mean that there will be 12,000 fewer people working with Bard AI.

Recently, the company announced that it would be shrinking its global workforce by 12,000 positions. That said, Google on its own, not including its parent company Alphabet, is still the employer of 170,000 people worldwide.

Specifically, in CEO Sundar Pichai’s memo to Google’s employees, he said that he would “appreciate” it if all workers “contributed in a deeper way” and use between two and four hours to put the artificial intelligence under a pressure test. That said, a “suggestion” email from an employer rarely means that what is being requested is anything other than an expectation. It isn’t clear based on the media reports that leaked this email whether the request of two to four hours of time applies to each day or if it is a total amount of time that is spread over a longer period.

As was recently reported on QR Code Press, Google attempted to unveil its Bard AI in an attempt to keep up its search edge over Microsoft, inadvertently tweeting inaccurate results provided by the artificial intelligence chat function.

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