Artificial intelligence teams at Google to consolidate, says CEO

Artificial intelligence - Google Teams - Consolidate

Sundar Pichai has announced that the AI model development teams will be added to the DeepMind unit Google has announced that it will be consolidating internal artificial intelligence teams and bringing them into the DeepMind unit. The announcement was made by CEO Sundar Pichai in a blog post The post was made on the company’s official website by the Alphabet and Google chief executive officer. There, he explained the company’s decision for consolidating the artificial intelligence model building teams into DeepMind, including the Research division teams. DeepMind was first formed…

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Google CEO Pichai tells employees to fix Bard AI problems

Bard AI - Fixing Tech

The artificial intelligence function had a rocky launch, to say the least, with its unpredictable results. A leaked Google memo issued company-wide by the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai has requested that employees use two to four hours from their day to improve Bard AI and make the search function usable. Shortly after the botched unveiling, Google announced it knew the feature wasn’t ready for launch. Employees at Google are now all a part of the company’s plan to work out all the kinks in the Bard AI function to help…

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Hamburger emoji cheese placement generates massive debate

Google hamburger emoji

Android users all have an opinion about where the cheese should go and the Google CEO has made it a top priority. The Android hamburger emoji underwent an update that has generated a massive amount of controversy about where the cheese should be placed. While the debate started small, it rapidly took off to the point that even Google’s CEO said he was making it his top priority. The position of the cheese on the hamburger seems to be a debate that is roping in people who never thought they…

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Google confirms new mobile payments framework called Android Pay

google browser texting

Google has announced details concerning Android Pay project at the Mobile World Congress Google has confirmed that it is developing a new mobile payments structure, which will be called Android Pay. Rumors concerning this new project have been circulating for a few weeks, but Google had been secretive with its plans concerning the new initiative. During the recent Mobile World Congress, Google announced the Android Pay project, which aims to serve as a platform that anyone can use to develop a mobile payments system. Android Pay will initially support mobile…

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Android Wear formally announced by Google

smartwatches android wear

The company’s first large steps into the smartwatches category are now being made. Google has now officially announced its next step into wearable technology after Google Glass and its very first move toward smartwatches – in the form of Android Wear – as yet another major competitor enters into this category ahead of Apple. The iWatch remains nothing more than rumors and hopes for Apple fans, other major players are unveiling actual products. This move by Google is giving the Android Wear a considerable advantage for building distance against Apple…

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