Teachers are using artificial intelligence to lighten their massive workload

Artificial intelligence - Teacher smiling sitting at desk with stack of books

AI has become a new way to create lesson plans and reduce the amount of unpaid overtime worked. Teachers that have been finding their workloads overwhelming throughout the schoolyear are looking to artificial intelligence to an increasing degree. This technology helps them to keep on top of some of their more time-consuming tasks. Teachers are using artificial intelligence to help complete activities ranging from grading, planning lessons for any subject they teach, or even developing behavioral support plans for students requiring this additional attention. By using the technology, teachers are…

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An artificial intelligence brain implant is allowing a stroke victim to speak again

Artificial intelligence - AI brain

A woman from Regina, Canada has regained her voice due to groundbreaking new AI technology. A woman from Regina, Canada lost her voice over 18 years ago when she had a stroke, but new artificial intelligence technology worked into a brain implant is helping her to regain her voice. The technology was implemented by a team at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). According to the team, the patient, Ann Johnson, suffered a stroke at the age of 30 years, back in 2005. She has not been able to…

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Artificial intelligence used by Israeli research team to produce novel solar panels

Artificial intelligence - AI - person standing on solar panels

Bar-Ilan University scientists have produced a panel made out of 676 different materials. A research team from Bar-Ilan University, near Tel Aviv, Israel, have used artificial intelligence to produce a new kind of solar panel comprising 676 different materials. The panel is used to use exposure to the sun to capture the energy and convert it into electricity. This new solar panel joins a growing class of these materials developed using artificial intelligence (AI) -based materials science. This form uses AI designs the materials that will be used in the…

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Canadian children’s mental health hotline turns to artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence - Help Phone for Kids

To keep up with the surge in demand for support, Kids Help Phone is using AI technology. Kids Help Phone, a mental health hotline for children and teens in Canada, has announced that it is using artificial intelligence to help respond to the “enormous need” as a rapidly growing number of people turn to the service for support. Since the pandemic, the number of people using the service has skyrocketed in the country. In 2019 Kids Help Phone received about 1.9 million calls, texts, live chats, or website visits. Since…

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Voice actors speak out against the threat of AI technology

AI technology - Voice acting recording studio

Dubbing artists from around the world are acting to stop unregulated human voice generation. Voice actors from around the world are coming together and speaking up against the unregulated use of AI technology to generate and clone human voices. These artists are concerned that this use of artificial intelligence will threaten their work and livelihoods. “We’re fighting a very big monster,” said Mexican voice actor Mario Filio, who has done voiceover dubbing for Will Smith, for King Julien, the party-focused lemur in the “Madagascar” movie, and who voices Obi-Wan Kenobi…

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