Augmented reality royal wedding features add fun to ABC News report

Augmented Reality Royal Wedding - British Flag - Crown - rings

At the same time that the AR function was amusing, it didn’t offer users any new images.

ABC News did its best to draw as many viewers as possible this weekend, including using augmented reality royal wedding features. The news outlet was said to have invested heavily in search engine advertising and other ways to appeal to viewers.

The AR features allowed iPhone and iPad users to view 3D models of certain royal wedding components.

The details weren’t new or live. Instead, the augmented reality royal wedding images were 3D models of the carriage, the Queen’s Guard and other details in three dimensional images. The features were a great way for people to pass the time while they waited for the coverage and ceremony to begin.

The British royal family symbols were brought to life as a part of the celebration on May 19 when the world had wedding fever over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Users could change the scale of the image to get a closer look at the 3D image or zoom back out to view it as a whole, reported ABC News.

Beyond the augmented reality royal wedding feature, the news agency also looked to social media.

ABC News used the #RoyalWeddingAR hashtag to encourage viewers to post hashtagged images on social media. Those who did had the chance to view their photos on the media outlet’s Good Morning America show. This continued right up until the live coverage of the royal wedding began at 5 a.m. (Eastern).

The ABC News augmented reality experience was developed through a partnership with Trigger. Trigger is a mixed-reality agency that works with tech such as augmented reality.

The purpose of the AR feature was to add whimsy and fun to the lead-in to the royal wedding. The excitement surrounding the event Augmented Reality Royal Wedding - British Flag - Crown - ringswrapped its way around the globe. This feature offered iOS device users the chance to play along and enjoy something extra before the event coverage began.

The augmented reality royal wedding feature was available through a free app that iOS device users could download. Once the app was installed, they could engage with the AR feature. The news agency has yet to release its stats regarding whether or not the strategy brought in additional viewers.

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