IKEA Place app bring augmented reality experience to Android users

IKEA Place App - IKEA Store

The augmented reality mobile commerce and home décor application is no longer limited to iOS.

The IKEA Place app has now been updated to make it possible for Android users to experience its augmented reality features. These have already been available to iPhone users but are now expanded to Android users.

The augmented reality feature lets shoppers preview the way an object would look in their home.

Therefore, users of the IKEA Place app could use augmented reality technology to better inform themselves. They could look through their mobile device screens and preview the way an object or piece of furniture would look in their actual space. This is helpful for getting a better idea of how a certain IKEA product would fit and whether or not it would suit the room.

The representations are displayed three dimensionally using AR technology to overlay the image over the view of the user’s actual room. The Android app makes it possible for users to place over 3,200 of the company’s products ranging from beds to sofas and from lighting to clothing storage.

The IKEA Place app can give consumers confidence to make the right product selections.

This most recent update to the IKEA act, has also included several new features. Among them is the Visual Search tool, which is powered by Grokstyle. That feature makes it possible for app users to take a picture of any piece of furniture they see and find a similar or equivalent piece of IKEA furniture. Once users find the piece they like through the app, they can use the mobile commerce component of the app to make the purchase if they want to.

At the same time that the app was launched on Android, the brand also joined forces with lifestyle blogger Caroline Solomon. Solomon worked with the company to add a game to the application. The game is called “Matchers Keepers” and is hosted by the blogger. It makes it possible for roommates and couples to see if they have matching tastes for their home décor.

The concept of the game within the IKEA Place app is that users choose and place a number of different pieces of furniture into a space. This occurs during three rounds. The teams are able to achieve higher scores when they select the same items as their partners and place them in the same positions within the room.

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