Augmented reality comes to the Royal Ontario Museum

Augmented reality- Royal Ontario Museum

Augmented reality- Royal Ontario Museum

Museum uses technology to bring dinosaurs to life

Augmented reality has come to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada. The technology has been chosen because of its interactivity and penchant for creating dynamic content. The museum has chosen to use the technology as part of its Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibition. The exhibition features a number of pieces concerning dinosaurs and provides visitors with information on a variety of long-extinct species. The museum aims to revive these species through the use of augmented reality.

App allows visitors to experience augmented reality content

The museum has developed a mobile application called ROM Ultimate Dinosaurs. Using the application, museum visitors with mart phones will be able to experience the augmented reality content that is used with many of the dinosaur exhibits. Those without smart phones will also be able to experience this content, as many of the dinosaur exhibitions will be equipped with iPads that unlock additional digital content. This content can come in the form of interactive video, dynamic text, and simple games.

Augmented reality beginning to come into its own

Augmented reality has been relegated to the realm of science fiction for several years. Augmented reality is nearly as old as 3D technology, but has rarely been used because of technological constraints. With mobile technology becoming more advanced, however, augmented reality is beginning to see more use in numerous industries. According to ABI Research, a market intelligence company, the augmented reality market will reach $3 billion in revenue by 2016 due to the growing incorporation of the technology into various industries.

Exhibition to run through to next year

The Royal Ontario Museum currently has no plans to expand its use of augmented reality, but may do so if the Ultimate Dinosaur exhibition is well received amongst consumers. The ROM Ultimate Dinosaurs application is available for iOS mobile devices. The exhibition itself will run through March of 2013.

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