DeviceFidelity wins European patents for iCaisse



Patents awarded to DeviceFidelity for its iOS NFC solution

DeviceFidelity, a leader developer of NFC solutions for smart phones, has announced that it has received a patent from the European Patent Office concerning one of its NFC solutions for iPhone and iPad mobile devices. The patent is being considered a major victory by DeviceFidelity. The company believes that it will enable more consumers to make use of NFC-based services without having to purchase NFC-enabled mobile devices. The patent concerns the company’s iCaisse product, which is a peripheral component for mobile devices that enables them to interface with NFC technology.

iCaisse to expand the availability of NFC services

The iCaisse is equipped with and NFC chip that allows a mobile device to interact with NFC-services. The product is designed to enable those without NFC-enabled mobile devices to make use of these services, many of which inhabit the realm of mobile commerce. The mobile commerce industry is currently hinged upon NFC technology, but its growth has been somewhat slowed by the low availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices. DeviceFidelity believes that the iCaisse could alleviate this particular problem by allowing a wider range of consumers to participate in the industry.

DeviceFidelity to promote the use of iCaisse system throughout Europe

The patent will allow DeviceFideltiy the ability to promote the use of its iCaisse in the European market with some degree of security. Consumers will be able to purchase and make use of the product. As per the patent, the iCaisse complies with the NFC standards that have been instituted in Europe. DeviceFidelity currently has similar patents pending in China and in Latin America.

NFC solution may make consumers more comfortable with NFC technology

By making NFC services more available to a wider range of consumers, DeviceFidelity believes that NFC technology will be more accepted in the future. Currently, the technology suffers from low familiarity amongst consumers, which has translated into slow adoption rates among those that are not tech-savvy.

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