QR codes central to new app at the Royal Ontario Museum

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The application allows the visitors to the attraction to become the curators and experience a whole new level. The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has just released a new app called the ScopifyROM application, which uses QR codes and mobile devices to help visitors to the location to learn a great deal more about what they are seeing than would be possible on the museum signage. The app has been designed to bring the museum experience up to a brand new and more interesting level. The app allows any visitor to…

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Augmented reality comes to the Royal Ontario Museum

Augmented reality- Royal Ontario Museum

Museum uses technology to bring dinosaurs to life Augmented reality has come to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada. The technology has been chosen because of its interactivity and penchant for creating dynamic content. The museum has chosen to use the technology as part of its Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibition. The exhibition features a number of pieces concerning dinosaurs and provides visitors with information on a variety of long-extinct species. The museum aims to revive these species through the use of augmented reality. App allows visitors to experience augmented reality…

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