AT&T announces new small business mobile marketing options

Mobile Marketing for Small Business Owners

Mobile Marketing for Small Business Owners

The telecommunications provider has broadened its portfolio to meet increasing demands.

AT&T has announced that it is extending its mobile marketing barcode services so that small businesses will be able to take advantage of its benefits.

The company made this announcement in response to its survey, in which it discovered that out of every five small businesses, three had intentions to spend more on advertising and promotions through smartphones and tablets in 2012.

The AT&T Mobile Marketing Survey indicated that smaller companies are attracted to barcode services.

Organizations of this size are able to use this technology to bring their successes up to another level as it can be integrated into everything from their storefront displays to their business cards, as well as on their individual products. Each of these areas can suddenly provide a scannable way to access as much content to the consumer as the company would like.

The AT&T Code Scanner mobile marketing app is available for free to both businesses and consumers, and is simple to use, requiring only a smartphone with a camera feature. These are also very easy to use, as it is simply a matter of using the camera feature through the app to essentially snap an image of the code. The application does the rest of the work.

This type of technology is becoming increasingly popular among businesses and consumers alike.

The study showed that:


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• There are an estimated 44 million people who have downloaded an app to scan barcodes on their smartphones and tablets. Among them, 20 million scan codes actively every month.

• Over one in three small business participants in the survey had already used barcodes in their mobile marketing materials. Among them, 60 percent reported that they felt that the result was somewhat or very effective.

Among the new services being offered by AT&T using this technology are:

• Its Code Management Platform, which gives companies the ability to create and manage the content that is available when the barcodes are scanned.

• Customizable pre-made templates for the simple and rapid creation of mobile marketing landing pages optimized for the smartphone experience.


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