Airlines set to become more engaged in mobile commerce in the next two years

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Report predicts more airlines to participate in the mobile space in the coming years

Airlines are expected to increase their focus on mobile commerce and social media over the next two years, according to a new report from WorldPay. The report shows that many airlines have been taking steps to be more engaging to mobile consumers due to the growing prevalence of mobile technology. Many people are beginning to rely on their smartphones and tablets in their daily lives and businesses are feeling pressure to accommodate the changing interests of these consumers.

Self-serve kiosks, social media engagement, and mobile commerce are becoming priorities for airlines

According to the report from WorldPay, 29% of airlines are planning to enable sales through social media within the next 12 months. Approximately 40% claim that self-service kiosks will be more important in the future as they provide consumers with more convenience in the services they are interested in. Airlines are also expected to begin supporting in-flight mobile payments more within the next two years.


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Becoming more active in the mobile field will be a challenging endeavor for many airlines

plane airline mobile commerceThe report indicates that airlines are facing several challenges regarding their participation in the mobile commerce field. Security is one of the most significant challenges that they face. Consumers are concerned for the security of their financial information. Many people are still unaware of mobile commerce as well, which presents a challenge in raising awareness for mobile-centric services. On the social media front, airlines will have to find ways to market to mobile consumers effectively and secure their patronage through e-commerce and mobile commerce.

Some airlines have already made progress toward being more engaged in the mobile space

Several airlines have already taken steps to be more accommodating of mobile consumers. Some have approved the use of mobile devices during all stages of flight, moving away from old traditions that prohibited the use of these devices. Others have been focusing more heavily on self-serve kiosks that are meant to provide consumers with ore convenience. Some airlines have also launched mobile applications that enable consumers to make payments from their mobile devices.

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