QR codes now help warship engineers

ship boat aircraft carrier qr codes

These quick response codes will now provide details through warship construction maps.

A team from BAE Systems that have been working on the latest series of aircraft carriers in the Queen Elizabeth Class have now created another novel use for QR codes that will provide practical details to engineers.

The quick response codes are simply printed onto stickers that are stuck to the ship skeletons.

This allows engineers to scan these QR codes and be able to find their way around the tremendous three dimensional construction sites that can be exceptionally confusing, at best, while they are being built. The barcodes simply need to be placed in practical locations so that they can be accessed by an engineer who happens to need the directions that they provide.

These QR codes can be very helpful as these sites typically require engineers to need a guide.

ship boat aircraft carrier qr codesThe ships have 12 separate decks within and are nearly 185 feet tall and over 900 feet long. It is typical for new workers coming onto the work site for the HMS Queen Elizabeth to need a guide to help to show them around the area so that they will know where they need to be at any given time.

By adding the QR codes as a part of their platform navigation system, it will make it a great deal easier for these workers to be able to find their way. This is especially true as GPS cannot make its way through the structures of the decks, rendering that technology useless.

Equally, a simple smartphone app allows workers and visitors to scan any of the 3,600 different quick response codes that can be found around the ship’s skeleton so that they can be informed as to exactly where they are. They can also use the barcodes to obtain a list of the various routes that they can take in order to arrive at their desired destination.

Although there have been a number of reports that had suggested that QR codes were on their way out, this year they have been used more than ever before, to the point that they are becoming truly mainstream in their availability and scanning.

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