4JET SCANNECT QR code tire reader app rolls out for iOS and Android platforms

QR Code Laser Tire Marking by 4JET SCANNECT - YouTube

4JET has made it even easier for consumers to scan its quick response codes on tires.

The German-based supplier of laser system services has launched the 4JET SCANNECT app, which provides optimal reading results of its QR codes printed on tires, even in situations involving contaminated codes or difficult lighting conditions.

The company’s high contrast QR code engraving is a world first.

What makes the 4JET SCANNECT (which is short for “scan and connect”) particularly unique is that it’s novel laser marking process can engrave an individual and permanent QR (quick response) Code or DatatMatrix Code in tire sidewalls.

The high contrast engraving is the first solution in the world that can be read using public domain apps that are available for Android and iOS devices.

While this technology was introduced a few years ago, now, with the 4JET SCANNECT app, the reading results are better than ever.

4JET SCANNECT allows for tires to be effectively tracked throughout their life cycle.

The 4JET QR code engraving technology offers both tire manufacturers and their customers many benefits. Some of these benefits include:

• Manufacturers can get to know their end customers and can target them with specific marketing campaigns (e.g. winter tire promotions, warranty extensions, etc.).
• Commercial fleet managers can use the laser markings to track usage, organize inventory and also prevent theft.
• OE car manufactures can use quick response codes as a way to assure traceability and lower the impact of product recalls.
• End customers can obtain valuable technical and commercial data about their tire specs as well as learn about suitable replacements or quickly enter online market places if they want to sell used tires.

What’s more, the crisp laser markings are superior to common marking technologies, including machine readable paper barcodes with a limited lifetime, engraved plain text serial codes that require numbers to be typed offline, and molded QR codes that are only tool-specific and not unique.

What’s more, the 4JET engraved QR code is still readable after 50,000 kilometers (31,000 miles).

QR Code Laser Tire Marking by 4JET SCANNECT - YouTubeThe 4JET SCANNECT QR code tire reading app can be downloaded for free in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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