Travelers and residents benefit from new scanning capabilities in the U.K.

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United Kingdom Warming Up to QR Codes

The United Kingdom is beginning to use QR codes more regularly. The Herfordshire County Council has decided to use the codes to help residents and visitors access travel information. The council has set up a website that the codes will be linked to and those that scan the codes will have direct access to public transport information. Hertfordshire is the first to implement the codes in the south east region of the UK.

The codes will be available at bus stops as well as online. Scanning the code will also give users the option of opting to receive updates sent to their phone or computer. Travelers will be able to see scheduled departure information for a particular stop. Users will be able to get information on shopping in the area as well.

The service will receive further enhancements later this year with emphasis being placed on real-time information.

QR codes have been showing off their versatility recently, as more government agencies around the world begin to use them, proving that the black and white barcodes are not exclusive to marketers. Their use is spreading quickly but consumers are slower to warm to the codes, especially in western society. Japan uses the codes extensively and its citizens have integrated the codes into their lives.

QR codes offer to take out the middle man by allowing users to connect directly to content from their mobile device from where ever they find the code. For Hertfordshire, this means people no longer have to be late for their bus.

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