How to prevent credit card fraud while traveling

credit card fraud while traveling

Paying for expenses when traveling by way of a credit card is the most convenient means of payment. But it is also risky. If yourcredit card has been compromised, you may lose a lot of money due to fraud. There are a few measures you can take to prevent credit card fraud. We will review some of the tips below. This will ensure that your credit cards are safe. You will also enjoy the convenience and peace of mind during travel if your credit cards remain safe. Here are some…

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Tech Travel: How Being Power Certain Saved a Life

I mocked my sister for giving me such a nerdy gift and as it turns out, it saved her life. They say “it’s the little things that matter the most”.  In my case, that’s an understatement.  This little thing saved my vacation and maybe even my sister’s life.  My sister and I both returned home from our recent trip, and it’s all because of a battery pack! My sister’s joke-worthy gift Last Christmas, I gave my sister a custom printed and framed canvas of her beloved St. Bernard and a…

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QR codes bring history to life in Washington Township, New Jersey

QR Codes used at Historical Sites

QR codes can make marketing much more engaging than traditional static imagery, but the codes can also be used to bring a little bit of the past to life. Such is the case in the Old Stone Village in Washington Township, New Jersey. The famed site is steeped in history and culture and soon visitors to the site will be able to take guided virtual tours by scanning QR codes. Yet again, technology seeks to revitalize the past. The idea comes from Chris Del Borello, president of the Washington Township…

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Finding new ways to interact with art

The Museum of Photographic Arts in California is changing the way visitors experience exhibits. As technology continues to evolve, artists are finding new ways to display their talent. To keep up with changing times, the museum will be making changes to how art is presented and will begin using QR codes to achieve this goal. Museum director, Deborah Klochko, likens this use of new technology to the time when photographic processes were first introduced back in 1839. “There was an excitement about the importance of what photography could provide,” says…

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La Quinta Inns just announced their QR Code campaign

Budget Travel, an online and print magazine for travelers, has partnered with La Quinta Inn & Suites to offer a mobile application. The application functions as both a QR code reader and news feed, allowing users to get updates on La Quinta’s deals as well as planning and sightseeing tips. Budget Travel debut the use of QR codes in its February issue, which was accompanied with a guide on how to use the codes. Through this partnership, La Quinta will also implement QR codes in their print and online materials.…

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