Mobile marketing using geolocation is helping to boost real world campaign results

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A growing number of companies are using location based advertising technology to reach consumers.

Mobile marketing and analytics platform, Upsight, has now announced the launch of its new Upsight GeoTrigger beta, which is for a solution that they are creating in order to help advertisers to be able to reach consumers on their smartphones while discovering where those individuals are in the world so that they can be engaged with appropriate campaigns.

A recent Forrester survey revealed that there are a number of features, such as location, expected by app users.

The research showed that 42 percent of smartphone users feel that a mobile app should be created specifically to be convenient to them. Moreover, they also expect that those same applications will take advantage of certain features that are specific to this channel, such as precise location. This presents a considerable opportunity for mobile marketing firms as they create campaigns that are meant for individuals who are in close proximity to something that is relevant to them.

In this light, Upsight GeoTrigger provides a unique and relevant mobile marketing opportunity.

geolocation shopping mobile marketingThis way, when consumers are looking for a coffee shop, event, or amazing deal at a retailer, they can be provided with options that are actually near to where they happen to be. This gives brands a considerable opportunity for engaging consumers and monetizing customers within the real world by way of appealing offers, information, and rewards that can be used by the device users close to where they are when they receive them.

The advanced analytics platform at Upsight offers the opportunity to identify where customers actually are when they are being most engaged by a mobile app – taking into consideration factors such as frequent login locations as well as areas where purchases are commonly made. With this information, mobile marketers are able to create campaigns that are more effective and engaging for consumer and that can be targeted to highly specific segments of users within very precisely defined physical locations.

According to the Grindr head of product, Matt Norris, whose company is already using the Upsight GeoTrigger, “We are using Upsight’s GeoTrigger to optimize our monetization efforts, connecting our users with relevant, hyper-local content from businesses in their own communities.”

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