Retailers begin seeing positive results from their mobile commerce efforts

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Retailers using services from Unbound Commerce are finding more success in the mobile field

Unbound Commerce, a provider of mobile commerce solutions for retailers, notes that those using its services have seen a significant rise in mobile revenue during the second quarter of this year. The company helps build and deploy dedicated mobile websites for those interested in supporting mobile payments. These mobile sites are vital in order to effectively engage mobile consumers. Businesses with sites that are not optimized for mobile viewing could be missing out on a major opportunity to connect with consumers that have become heavily reliant on their mobile devices.

Retailers see mobile revenue grow by 113% during the second quarter of 2014

According to Unbound Commerce, those using its services have seen mobile revenue jump by 113.87% during the second quarter of this year. This data has been compiled from more than 350 retailers that make use of the company’s services. The company’s data shows that mobile commerce activity is beginning to accelerate among consumers, supported by the fact that retailers are beginning to accommodate the interests of these consumers more effectively.

Mobile websites are becoming more capable of handling the demands of consumers

online shopping cart mobile commerceThe total number of unique shoppers visiting mobile retail sites has grown by 25% as well, and these shoppers are beginning to browse for products more regularly and for extended periods of time. Page load times have dropped by 10% as retailers have begun to take their mobile presence more seriously. Long load times had prevented mobile commerce from garnering any significant traction, causing shoppers to abandon mobile websites to seek out alternative that offer a better experience.

Retailers still have to worry about mobile commerce security as they begin finding more success in the mobile field

As retailers become more acclimated to the mobile commerce space, they are beginning to understand what it takes to engage mobile consumers effectively. Many of the challenges that these retailers have to overcome has to do with the ease-of-use of their websites. Retailers do, however, have to worry about the security issues that exist in the mobile commerce space as well.

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