Mobile marketing mistakes underscored by report by Forrester

geo location mobile marketing

Although most would agree that smartphones are a vital advertising channel, but the techniques have not yet been mastered. When it comes to mobile marketing, marketing firms have been facing a continuing struggle in being able to define their objectives as well as in being able to manage their performances, says a recent report that was released by In that report, it suggests that CMOs and CIOs must work to change the direction that this channel has taken so far. The data that was released in the report showed…

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Mobile marketing using geolocation is helping to boost real world campaign results

geolocation mobile shopping

A growing number of companies are using location based advertising technology to reach consumers. Mobile marketing and analytics platform, Upsight, has now announced the launch of its new Upsight GeoTrigger beta, which is for a solution that they are creating in order to help advertisers to be able to reach consumers on their smartphones while discovering where those individuals are in the world so that they can be engaged with appropriate campaigns. A recent Forrester survey revealed that there are a number of features, such as location, expected by app…

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ConnectMe QR unveils its editor for barcodes and mobile sites

ConnectMe QR Code Video

ConnectMe QR, a mobile marketing company, has just unveiled its new subscription service for a QR code package, as well as its mobile website. These new services are expected to receive a significant boost with the update of their advanced QR code and mobile site editor, called mCard. This is designed to help small businesses and individuals to create, maintain, and manage their own mobile marketing sites, providing them with the opportunity to compete within the mobile marketplace, which is an arena that is currently dominated primarily by large corporations.…

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Getting to know the basics of mobile analytics

Mobile Marketing Analytics

As mobile marketing increases in popularity and the various techniques available become more numerous, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to be able to implement effective mobile analytics, and understand what they mean in terms of the successes and failures of a certain campaign and how that information can be applied to improve the results of future campaigns. The term “mobile analytics” itself refers to the various types of solutions and metrics that can be applied to mobile marketing efforts, for example, QR codes, SMS messaging, smartphone web data, and…

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