Bing mobile advertising steps up its game with targeted ads

bing mobile advertising

The search engine is clearly working to offer rival marketing products to Google, the undisputed leader. Bing mobile advertising has amped up its offerings with the pilot launch of its new targeted ad platform. This move lays the foundation to establish the Microsoft developed search engine as a rival for Google AdWords. Bing Ads is designed to give marketers greater control over their audience and spend. The new Bing Ads has broadened device targeting capabilities so marketers can add precision to their bids, aiming at consumers using certain specific types…

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Location based advertising drives response from vast majority of millennials

geolocation location based advertising

Eighty four percent of this highly influential generation will act on that type of notification. While location based advertising remains in its earliest stages, it is proving to be highly appealing to an important demographic. Recent research shows that millennials are responding to this type of ad notification. In fact, the study said 84 percent of millennials are more likely to respond to a brand as a result of geolocation ads. The research results were published in “Mobile Marketing Cookbook: Whip up the Best Push Notification Strategy”, a whitepaper by…

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Mobile marketing using beacon doesn’t work when it is overused

mobile marketing geolocation

According to recent research, when it has been overdone, this location based advertising flops. Among the largest trends in location based mobile marketing is the use of beacon technology and, as has been the case with nearly every other form of smartphone based advertising, there is a right way and a very wrong way in which to use this method. A recent study has shown that overusing beacon messaging can have a devastating impact on a campaign. Beyond that, the research also found that there is a very fine line…

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Mobile marketing using geolocation is helping to boost real world campaign results

geolocation mobile shopping

A growing number of companies are using location based advertising technology to reach consumers. Mobile marketing and analytics platform, Upsight, has now announced the launch of its new Upsight GeoTrigger beta, which is for a solution that they are creating in order to help advertisers to be able to reach consumers on their smartphones while discovering where those individuals are in the world so that they can be engaged with appropriate campaigns. A recent Forrester survey revealed that there are a number of features, such as location, expected by app…

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Location based ads threatened by newly proposed law

Geotargeting Mobile Advertising

Senator Al Franken has sponsored a new bill that could lead to consequences for the location-based advertising marketplace which is only just beginning to get off the ground. Joined by Senator Richard Blumenthal in sponsoring this proposed litigation, Franken’s bill would necessitate that businesses obtain specifically expressed consent from mobile device users before data regarding their locations can be collected from their devices. Moreover, it would mean that these businesses would also need to obtain the user’s consent before the collected data may be shared with a third party such…

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