Mobile commerce catalog feature added by Flipboard

QR codes in Mobile commerce Magazine Ads

The company has now expanded its features for smartphone and tablet customers with an all new section.

Flipboard’s social magazine app has now been broadened so that it includes an all new mobile commerce catalog section that gives shoppers and brands the chance to look at various products, check their prices, and make purchases through the right links.

This app is available for both Android and Apple device using customers.

This represents an important step forward into mobile commerce for the magazine as it expands its way outward into catalogs. This latest update to the app was just released to give users – both companies and individuals – the chance to design their own specialized guying guides through the use of the various items that they have found throughout the web and on Flipboard, itself.

QR codes in Mobile commerce Magazine AdsThese mobile commerce guides can be dropped into custom magazines along with product information and prices.

This way, consumers can obtain the information that they seek when they are shopping around for products and prices, and then they can make purchases over mobile commerce. Flipboard has been making a wide range of steps into the smartphone and tablet based environment. Its magazine creation feature was introduced in its 2.0 update in March. In September, it raised an additional $50 million on a valuation of $800 million.

When the magazine creation option was added to the app’s tools – which had previously been reserved only for social channels and RSS of large publishers – it made it possible for all of its users to be able to take advantage of the app’s offerings.

Since that time, Flipboard has seen the creation of 4.5 million magazines through its tools and has experienced 90 million activations. That said, the company hasn’t made its daily active user figures public in a long time, so it isn’t known how active the app is on a daily regular.

The mobile commerce catalog tool is being seen as comparable to Pinterest in many ways, as its magazines can also function as locations in which to look for and buy products. Though this is not the first time that shopping has been integrated into the environment of Flipboard, it is the most recent and broadest smartphone and tablet based opportunity.

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