Amazon to break into South Korean market

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Amazon takes on South Korean social commerce Amazon is set to enter the South Korean market this year, which may have a major impact on the other e-commerce firms that are already there. Amazon is coming from a particularly successful 2013, especially when it comes to mobile commerce, and the company has been working to establish a more formidable presence in the social commerce space. South Korea’s social commerce market has been growing well over the past several years and Amazon expects to find success in the market throughout 2014.…

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Mobile commerce catalog feature added by Flipboard

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The company has now expanded its features for smartphone and tablet customers with an all new section. Flipboard’s social magazine app has now been broadened so that it includes an all new mobile commerce catalog section that gives shoppers and brands the chance to look at various products, check their prices, and make purchases through the right links. This app is available for both Android and Apple device using customers. This represents an important step forward into mobile commerce for the magazine as it expands its way outward into catalogs.…

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Mobile commerce may soon blend with social networks

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Starbucks and Square could benefit from the integration of mobile commerce and social media Social networks may be able to take mobile commerce to new heights. Networks like Facebook and Twitter are beginning to play a larger role in influencing the purchasing habits of consumers, many of whom rely heavily on mobile technology. Recently, Starbucks partnered with Square, a mobile payment service provider, in order to provide consumers with more expansive mobile commerce options. This partnership presents a significant opportunity for social platforms to expand the reach of these two…

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Google loves NFC and may be integrating the technology with Google+ platform


By now, Google is no stranger to NFC technology. After announcing their new mobile wallet – a mobile application that can be used for payments – earlier this year, the company has been keen to expand its use of the technology. Google recently launched into the domain of social networking with Google+, a social platform that aims to dethrone Facebook as ruler of the vast social networking empire. While Google’s wallet and social site seem disconnected, the company has plans to integrate NFC into their Google+ platform. To date, NFC…

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