eBay announces the first British QR code shopping environment and its new Christmas boutique

eBay mobile payments

eBay Christmas boutique
eBay has just announced the latest of its mobile-related services, taking advantage of the rapidly increasing popularity of QR codes, which are now becoming highly familiar with their appearance on everything from clothing, food products, electronics, beauty products, and even tombstones.

The largest online marketplace in the world will now also be using these codes to help with the Christmas shopping experience throughout the holiday season, in order to help consumers to purchase the gifts and other items they want to give or to keep for themselves.

They will be accomplishing this by opening a new Christmas boutique at the start of December, which will be located in London. It will combine the ability to browse for items in-store but still benefit from the broad selection, lack of lineups, and unbeatable deals that can be found online on the internet. This will help shoppers keep the stress of their gift buying to a minimum this year.

The new eBay Christmas boutique will feature a range of different items, each of which will display a QR code that is unique to that product. When shoppers use their smartphones to scan the barcode, it will allow them to purchase that item without having to deal with the lineups, fussing at the checkout counter, bags, and carrying what was purchased. This is because everything that is purchased through the QR code is simply delivered to the address identified by the shopper.

The goal is to make it fast and easy for shoppers to get just what they want and to have it under their trees by Christmastime.

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