Augmented reality glasses to be show cases by Metaio and Vuzix

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Metaio and Vuzix team to show off capabilities of augmented reality eyewear

Metaio is a leading name in the augmented reality field. The company is considered a pioneer for having developed some of the most advanced augmented reality systems currently available. Metaio has a great deal of hope for augmented reality, and not just because this technology is the company’s business. The company has teamed with Vuzix, a technology company that is developing its own augmented reality glasses. Together, the two companies are expected to show off these augmented reality glasses in June.

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses to be demonstrated in June

Augmented reality eyewear has attracted a great deal of attention, mostly due to Google’s promotion of its Glass product. Vuzix has a significant head start over Google, however, and is expected to deliver augmented reality glasses to the market long before Glass can reach consumers. With the backing of Metaio, Vuzix is likely to enthrall the attention of consumers as it begins to show off its M100 Smart Glasses.

Vuzix Augmented Reality GlassesAugmented reality could blend with mobile commerce

Augmented reality typically derives most of its attention for how it can be used in entertainment. The technology is particularly effective at bringing digital content to life, allowing consumers to experience the world around them in a new way. The technology can, however, be used for more than just entertainment. One of these uses involves mobile commerce, which is typically not associated with augmented reality. Augmented reality glasses are, essentially, mobile devices. These devices, like smartphones and tablets, will be able to interact with mobile commerce platforms. These platforms can be made more dynamic through the use of augmented reality, especially as the technology is already seeing use in the retail sector to provide dynamic product information to consumers.

Consumers may acclimate well to wearable augmented reality devices

Both Metaio and Vuzix believe that wearable technologies, such as augmented reality glasses, will come to play a major role in future society. Wearable devices are currently experiencing the same kind of attention that smartphones received when these devices first began entering the market. Consumers are expected to acclimate much more quickly to wearable devices, however, as they already have extensive experience with mobile technology.

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