Mobile security concerns are growing among parents

mobile security parents concerns

The latest research in the industry has shown that they are increasingly worried about their children’s internet use.

The latest mobile security research study has revealed that a growing percentage of parents are worried not only about the type of inappropriate content their children may be seeing while they use the internet by way of their smartphones and tablets, but that they are also concerned about the safety and data breach impact that could come with any given click.

Though the primary smartphone worry of the public as a whole is losing the device, it is different for parents.

When it comes to parents, a lost or stolen device is not the leader among the mobile security concerns. Instead, they are worried about the content being accessed on their devices, as their use is more challenging to monitor than it is on a family’s home computer. The worry that parents have over the use of the internet is notably higher when it comes to smartphones and tablets than it is to laptops and desktops.

mobile security parents concernsA newly released report has helped to underscore the importance of mobile security as a part of an overall online safety effort.

Norton Internet Security has stated that this year antivirus and other similar protections against online and mobile security threats are more important than they have ever been. The reason is that these connected devices are now being used for the exchange of a larger wealth of personal and financial information. Users routinely provide websites with their information in order to access their bank accounts, online shopping sites, and a number of other areas where sensitive data is involved.

At the same time, Norton also said that it is becoming easier to maintain PC and mobile security, as the primary step is simply to make sure that the protection software is up to date on all devices. Of course, this does assume that parents have taken the step to add protection software to their connected devices, including smartphones and tablets.

It is also recommended that only secure websites that start with https (as opposed to standard http) be trusted for signing in with personal information, and that unique passwords be used for every site and account. Parents are advised to caution their kids about the mobile security risks of using unfamiliar or Wi-Fi networks (nicknamed “zombie” networks) as they can be used as a virus or malware gateway.

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