Retail mobile security breaches double in 2018, report

Retail mobile security - cyber attack mobile

Retailers saw two times more security breaches involving mobile devices between 2017 and 2018. A recent study published by the Verizon Mobile Security Index has revealed retail mobile security breaches are increasing. According to the study, 31% of retail respondents said they experienced a mobile compromise last year (2018), which is notably higher from the 16% reported in 2017. More than half of these security breaches were considered major. Over half (54%) of these retail mobile security compromises were considered major. Moreover, 27% had long-term repercussions. The study found that…

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Dating app security issues may represent greater vulnerabilities than expected

dating app security

These applications may be placing the private information of their users at risk of exposure. A recent study analyzing the dating app security in some of the most popular applications has found some serious vulnerabilities. Kapersky labs conducted the research and has found that many of these mobile apps are not adequately protecting the private information of their users. The research found the mobile apps leave users vulnerable to hackers who can potentially identify the users. The lack of dating app security could then allow the hackers to steal the…

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Mobile security is no higher in payments apps than other applications

mobile payment security cyber wallet

A recent study of 10 popular digital wallets showed that even basic levels of protection were absent. A recent study conducted on the mobile security associated with the top 10 smartphone payments apps has determined that these applications lack everything from basic protection and controls upward. While the holiday shopping season is now underway, shoppers might want to understand this risk before paying over mobile. American retailers are now in full swing of the holiday shopping season and while many companies feel that this will be the season in which…

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Mobile security threats cause CEOs to be “extremely concerned”

Mobile commerce growth global world

As smartphones reach nearly full saturation among global execs, it means certain risks are growing. As virtually every exec around the world is now armed with a smartphone and with the growing number of data breaches making headlines, CEOs are starting to recognize that mobile security is a very important topic for them to consider. The saturation point of the ownership of mobile devices is creating threats that could potentially be detrimental. What a recent study published by CNBC International showed was that execs aren’t unaware of this mobile security…

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Security problems may be driving people away from mobile payments

mobile payments trends

Consumers and IT professionals have major concerns when it comes to mobile security Security concerns may be driving consumers away from mobile payments. A recent survey from Experian has found that a significant portion of consumers believe that the mobile space is particularly prone to digital risks. Several companies have become involved in the mobile payments space, but they have not yet become acclimated to the security risks that exist therein. As such, faith in the ability to protect consumer financial information may be waning for many consumers. Survey shows…

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Mobile security is inadequate among American devices

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This, despite the fact that the average person in the United States does fear having gadgets hacked. The vast majority of people in the United States – that is, 69 percent – fee that a mobile security breach that caused their personal information to be stolen is something that is inevitable in their lifetimes, says a report issued by Citrix. That said, even though they feel that their odds of being hacked are high, their smartphones are primarily unprotected. Even though there have been some very high profile cyber attacks…

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New app tries to make QR codes safer to scan

qr codes security

The Kapersky scanner application has been designed to add another layer of protection for smartphone users. As QR codes have become commonplace in advertising, packaging, and a number of other uses, they have attracted the attention of people who would use them for malicious purposes, as seems to be the case of virtually every other kind of technology that is increasing in use. The struggle presented by quick response codes is that scanning takes the user to an unidentified URL. The traditional scanning app for QR codes doesn’t reveal the…

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QR codes use at Trinity College teach an online privacy lesson

QR Codes and mobile Security

A mysterious quick response code was displayed at various places throughout the University campus. Over the short while, QR codes have been posted at a number of different spots across the campus of Trinity College, Dublin, as a type of projection that has left students, staff, and faculty members wondering where it could lead and who was behind it. When scanned, these quick response codes led to a website requesting the device user’s personal details. Over a short period of time, the QR codes were scanned more than 100 times,…

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Mobile security to gain momentum in coming years

Mobile Security

Mobile security may have a big year in 2015, driven by interests in the mobile commerce field Mobile security is likely to become more important this year, especially as more people begin to participate in the mobile commerce space. A new report from TechNavio shows that the global mobile security market is beginning to gain momentum. More businesses are placing a strong focus on mobile security, especially those in the retail space that accept mobile payments. In the coming year, security may become a major priority for businesses throughout the…

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Mobile security efforts upgraded by Networks

mobile security smartphone kill switch

New flaws have been discovered by the IT experts at Karsten Nohl that would open up user messages to hackers. Karsten Nohl IT experts in Berlin have discovered mobile security flaws in the wireless phone networks that would give access to hackers so that they would be able to read messages being exchanged by users. The team spotted the issue in the SS7 protocol that is used for encrypting data by mobile phone operators. That SS7 protocol is used for the mobile security encryption of data when messages are being…

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