Berkeley’s Right to Know ordinance requires cell phone radiation exposure warning

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Potential purchasers of mobile phones must now receive prior warning of the potential health risks. Starting at the beginning of the month, people considering the purchase of mobile devices in Berkeley, California, will need to be warned about the potential cell phone radiation exposure that can come with that gadget, when interacting with the salesperson. The Right to Know ordinance passed in the municipality back in May and now requires additional cautioning. From that time, forward, customers must be warned by those selling mobile devices that by carrying this type…

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Mobile security campaign helps people stop jealous partners from spying on them

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Bugging smartphones is becoming an increasingly common practice but a new group is helping to protect people against this spyware. Despite the fact that it is not a topic that is commonly discussed, the mobile security issue of spying on partners and spouses by way of their smartphones has become an extremely common problem, according to pressure groups that are currently tracking electronic abuse. Campaigns have now been launched to help to protect women against the increasing use of spyware on smartphones. This type of mobile security breach occurs when…

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WHO says that mobile phones will not hurt a users health

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A statement from the World Health Organization is reassuring billions of smartphone users that they are safe. The World Health Organization (WHO) has now released a statement that has been designed to reassure the billions of users of mobile phones around the world, as there have not been any evidence of adverse health effects associated with these devices. The public health arm of the United Nations has reviewed the research conducted over the last 20 years. According to the latest fact sheet from the WHO, “A large number of studies…

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Halloween gets safer with mobile technology

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A new Trick-or-Tracker smartphone app makes it possible for parents to better monitor their kids. One of the main concerns that parents face on Halloween night has to do with whether or not their kids are safe, and now mobile technology can be used to complement other efforts – such as going trick-or-treating with the child and making sure that his or her costume makes it easy for drivers to see – in order to keep track of kids throughout this exciting evening. A new mobile app has been released…

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Gadgets and apps help parents boost back to school phone safety

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As kids head back to the classrooms, moms and dads are looking for ways to make sure their devices are used safely. As the new school year revs up, kids and teens are given pens, pencils, and – of course – the latest high tech smartphones and other wireless gadgets to help to make sure that they can keep in touch and keep up with their friends. But parents are also becoming increasingly aware of the safety risk involved in giving these electronics. Though gadgets are seen as a way…

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