Augmented reality app helps everyday people with car repairs

augmented reality car mechanic

The application is designed to assist people in performing some of the tasks of a mechanic.

A new application using augmented reality tech has just been released by Inglobe Technologies in order to assist everyday people in being able to makes some of the more common types of repairs that could need to be performed on their vehicles.

Many people hesitate to fix problems with their cars because they are afraid that they don’t know how to do it.

While there are many websites and guidebooks that could provide them with instructions, they don’t provide the real world visual instructions that many people need in order to be able to learn and understand the steps of a task. Now, Inglobe Technologies is helping to assist people with this effort through the development of an augmented reality app that will provide exactly that level of instruction and visual guidance that many people need in order to get the job done themselves.

The augmented reality app has yet to make it to the market, but it is one that has sparked a great deal of interest.

There is significant potential being seen in this type of use for augmented reality technology. It would be able to help a driver to perform easier and more effective maintenance on their own vehicles and might be able to assist them in fixing a problem that has occurred with their cars when there isn’t a mechanic around to help out.augmented reality car mechanic

The augmented reality application isn’t meant to replace a mechanic altogether. However, it can help vehicle owners to be able to take on a few more of the maintenance and repair tasks than they were previously doing, with greater confidence. Many of the repairs to a vehicle require computer systems that an individual in his or her own garage simply will not have. But there are other tasks that can be completed with basic tools and very little required skill but that simply need the right instructions.

It is in those areas, the augmented reality application will be able to guide the individual throughout the process. Through the screen of the smartphone or tablet, the app is able to track and virtually label all of the main components of the engine in real time. It also provides demonstrations of how to check oil, where and how to top up fuel levels, and so on. It has already been demoed on a Ford vehicle.

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