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foursquare augmented realityAugmented reality feature developed by Foursquare

Augmented reality often attracts attention because of its entertaining nature. The technology is regularly used in a wide variety of entertaining ways, leveraged as a tool to provide consumers with dynamic content. This has made augmented reality somewhat common in the marketing field, but the technology does have practical uses, especially when it comes to social networking. Foursquare, the popular location-based social platform, has been working on its own augmented reality feature, which is now available to a select demographic of consumers.

Social networks growing more interested in dynamic engagement

Like other social networks that have shown interest in the technology, Foursquare believes that augmented reality could be a very powerful tool for its users. The company has been working to incorporate the technology into its features for some time and has now developed a service that allows users to experience the world around them in a new way. The augmented reality feature provides users with a real-time view of a location, with this view being captured by a real camera. This could allow users to find out some superficial information concerning a particular location. For example, users could use this feature to find out the wait time at a local restaurant without actually having to visit the restaurant.

New feature only available to Lumia users

There is a catch, of course, as the augmented reality feature is not yet considered ready for mass adoption. As such, Foursquare has determined that only those with Nokia Lumia devices will be able to make use of this feature for the time being. Lumia owners have already been exposed to augmented reality applications in the past, which makes them a somewhat ideal audience for Foursquare’s latest initiative.

Augmented reality may appeal to consumers on a social level

Whether consumers will respond well to Foursquare’s escapades into augmented reality is uncertain. Consumers have shown that they are interested in the technology from an entertainment standpoint. The practical purposes of the technology have been less appealing, but Foursquare is confident that augmented reality will be able to capture the enthusiasm of mobile consumers without much trouble.

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