Augmented reality glasses to be show cases by Metaio and Vuzix

augmented reality glasses Vuzix star 1200xld

Metaio and Vuzix team to show off capabilities of augmented reality eyewear Metaio is a leading name in the augmented reality field. The company is considered a pioneer for having developed some of the most advanced augmented reality systems currently available. Metaio has a great deal of hope for augmented reality, and not just because this technology is the company’s business. The company has teamed with Vuzix, a technology company that is developing its own augmented reality glasses. Together, the two companies are expected to show off these augmented reality…

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Metaio makes augmented reality development more inclusive with new SDK

Augmented Reality

Those without programming knowledge will soon be able to develop their own augmented reality apps Making development more inclusive for those that do not have extensive education in programming is becoming a popular theme in the world of technology. Many people have innovative and creative ideas that are well suited for mobile applications, games, and other such software, but lack the know-how to make their ideas a reality. Programming is key to turning these ideas into a real product, but many people do not have the time to learn the…

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