Augmented reality continues to make waves in the world of art

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

A recent study conducted by CultureLabel, an online art retailer, indicates that a staggering 87% of global population use mobile devices. The study, titled “Mighty Mobile!” suggests that 77% of these people use their mobile devices to find information on a variety of subjects. Mobile technology has certainly been a boon for the online world, enabling businesses to reach out to consumers no matter where they are. As mobile technology becomes more common place, emerging trends could translate into major success for online retailers.

Augmented reality is beginning to make waves in the world of art. Modern artists are starting to take on the role of programmer in order to create works of art that are meant to be viewed through augmented reality browsers. These artists have exhibited their work in New York, California, Spain and the United Kingdom. Art lovers have, thus far, been welcoming of these digital exhibitions, encouraging artists to make use of augmented reality more aggressively.

The technology does not only offer benefit to artists, of course, as museums and galleries can make use of augmented reality to engage an audience. When used at a museum, for instance, augmented reality could give a visitor more information on a given exhibition. Using the technology in this way could also give museum goers an opportunity to share their experiences by adding their own content to the augmented reality exhibition. This content would not interfere with the exhibition, of course, but would be placed in a community interaction space.

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