WiST unveils new sensor technology that could bring more security to mobile commerce and other industries

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NFC Mobile Security

As mobile commerce continues to grow in popularity, more technology companies are working to create new security measures for the industry. WiST, a wireless technology firm, has unveiled its latest sensory tracking devices that use NFC technology. The company claims that these new devices could improve the security of a variety of different ventures, including health care services, asset management, and banking. The company says that it could also help stop rhino poaching.

WiST sensors are, essentially, NFC tags. As with NFC tags, the WiST sensors can take a variety of forms and can be embedded on just about anything, including credit cards. Unlike conventional NFC tags, however, the sensors can also monitor heartbeat, temperature and even measure impact force. These unique features make WiST sensors appealing to companies looking to make use of new wireless technologies, such as the insurance industry. In the case of an car accident, for instance, the vehicle fitted with one of the WiST sensors could provide valuable information regarding the incident.

The sensor’s security measures take the form of a remote database where information is stored, similar to a cloud network. WiST claims that this database is more secure because of the variety of security programs it has protecting it. Whether the sensors will catch on in the growing and highly competitive industry of mobile commerce has yet to be seen, especially as more big-name technology companies, like Google, work to build their own secure payment platform that utilize NFC technology.

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