Orange QR unveils new tracking software for QR codes

Orange QR Website Snapshot

Orange QR Website Snapshot

Orange QR has announced the release of its new tracking software for QR codes, called the Code Tracking Generator, that allows mobile device users to better manage and track the barcodes that they have used.

Orange QR is already known for providing access to its search feature for free, so that people can discover more about QR codes and their readers.

This new tracking software addresses the fact that while the codes are simple to implement, scan, and use, it is challenging for companies to be able to manage and track those barcodes. With this software, the QR codes can be generated, tracked, and managed in real time.


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The Code Tracking Generator is designed to be user friendly and provide everything from the creation of the barcodes to the initiation of a tracking function so that the companies using the codes can then track who has scanned them, which codes are being scanned, when, and how (that is, through what media did the scanning occur).

Providing businesses with the ability to collect this amount of data gives those companies the opportunity to market more effectively and place better focus on the geographic locations that work best for them. This information can also help them to increase their sales as they focus their attention on the areas that are generating the greatest responses to the barcodes.

According to Orange QR, the use of its Code Tracking Generator is both ethical and legal, as well as being functional and powerful, and it makes the applicability of the barcodes to all businesses much more apparent.

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