Reltime revolutionizes e-commerce with its decentralized Web3 merchant payment solution

Web3 merchant payments - QR code

The Norway-based payments company is leading the shift toward direct e-commerce.

Reltime AS is using its revolutionary Web3 merchant payment solution to help lead the transition from traditional ecommerce, which is controlled by many intermediary organizations, to a direct e-commerce platform where values are instantly exchanged between customers and/or merchants/businesses worldwide.

Reltime’s platform will support direct e-commerce across 170 countries.

Currently, the payments company, which is a global leader in Web3, Layer 1 Proof of Authority and Metaverse financial services platform, is supporting the direct e-commerce solution in 170 countries around the world.

Web3 merchant payments - QR code payments - pay by scanning code

The innovative Web3 Micro Merchant Payment uses QR code tech, allowing customers to easily make payments by using their mobile device to scan a merchant’s QR code. Once the customer has made a purchase in store or online, the Reltime Micro Merchant directly connects the customer to the seller without the need of any traditional intermediaries. The customer then uses the Reltime app or Open APIs to implement the payment.

Web3 merchant payment with QR code are very popular and are the payment of choice in many parts of the world due to the convince they offer, ease of use, and top-of-the-line security. It provides merchants with the advantage of processing payments quicker and with more security, while providing customers with the convenience of not having to carry cards or cash.

The Web3 merchant payment system is secured end-to-end by a blockchain.

Transactions via Reltime provide the unique identity that is generated in the Web3 technology and secured end-to-end by a blockchain, which has many built-in security features, making it difficult for hackers to corrupt. Moreover, Reltime does not charge its B2B2C (business-to-business-to-consumer) customers a transaction fee, allowing for a solid ROI for its B2BC customers.

“E-Commerce has transformed the world like never before, allowing consumers and merchants to transact seamlessly,” said Frode van der Laak, CTO, Inventor, Founder and Chairman of Reltime. “We are proud to have built an end-to-end blockchain Web3 e-commerce platform that allows consumers and merchants to send and receive payments instantly (within 3 seconds) without the need for traditional intermediaries.”

First launched in October 2022, the Reltime platform supports all major global fiat currencies. The company’s Web3 merchant payment solution is supported in over 170 countries and has already rolled out in multiple markets across Europe, APAC, and LATAM.

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