AR and VR headset from apple to reportedly run hundreds of thousands of iPad apps

VR headset - iPad with apps

Media reports have indicated the device will be compatible with the massive library of applications.

The highly anticipated Apple AR and VR headset, reportedly nicknamed the Reality Pro, will be able to run hundreds of thousands of third-party iPad apps, according to a recent report from Bloomberg.

The device is being developed for both an augmented and virtual reality experience.

Unlike other existing AR or VR headset products, Apple’s upcoming model is expected to take an all-encompassing feature approach, said the Bloomberg report.

VR headset - Person using virtual reality gear

As a component of a strategy to draw both consumers and developers, the iPhone maker has reportedly brought fitness, gaming and even e-reader functionality to the device. Customers will be able to entertain themselves by playing “top-tier” games they’re familiar with from their other Apple devices, and will be able to watch sports in virtual reality, said the report.

The new device will reportedly run the majority of the flagship iPad apps from Apple, including FaceTime, Camera, Maps, Messages and Books. Moreover, it will also be compatible with hundreds of thousands of third-party apps developed for the iPad and that will be ready for the new gadget by the time it launches.

Users will be able to experience both the AR and VR headset functionalities depending on the app.

That said, the Fitness app, for instance, is expected to be a major point of focus but “likely” won’t yet be ready by the time the product launches, said the Bloomberg report.

The device itself will feature an external battery pack that fits into the wearer’s pocket. A specialized charging cable will connect the wearable device to its battery pack. The size of the battery pack is comparable to that of the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack. The report added that it will be charged using an industry-standard USB-C cable.

Though not officially announced, the AR and VR headset is expected to be officially unveiled at Apple’s WWDC event in June. Ming-Chi Kuo, a top Apple analyst, has stated that there is concern at Apple regarding the consumer response to the product in the present economy. The device will likely come with a $3,000 price tag, triple the cost of the Quest Pro from Meta.

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