Night Shift is Apple’s way of helping iPhone users get to sleep

Night Shift touchscreen Apple ipad

The latest version of the iOS platform includes a color adjustment feature meant to reduce the insomnia from screens. Among the top points you’ll find on advice to help to avoid insomnia and improve your ability to sleep at night is to cut off screen time for a certain length of time before you head to bed at night, but the new Night Shift feature from Apple has been created to help to skip that step. The update to iOS is meant to be easier on the eyes and has…

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Apple app available at the iTunes Store now number over 1 million

apple event mobile iPhones

Though it has been over a year since there were a million submissions, now these applications are available. Last year, it was reported that the number of application submissions of Apple apps to be sold on iTunes had passed the one million mark, but it took quite a while for them all to actually become available to users of iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Although it has been over a year, the official store for iOS applications has now broken that mark. It has now been announced that the number of…

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mobiManage announces launch of mobile content management system for apps and websites


mobiManage has announced the release of the second generation of its mobile CMS systems, precisely four years after the initial American release of the original systems. This latest release includes upgrades to the feature designs and a completely new engine. IT offers a single platform on which Android and iPhone apps alike, as well as mobile websites and tablet products can all be managed. These latest upgrades also provide capabilities for adding features for mobile marketing to an app or website, including QR codes and NFC tags, banner ads, and…

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M-commerce benefits from tablet ownership

Tablet Commerce

A new American study performed by Ipsos OTZX MediaCT (for PayPal) of tablet and smartphone owners has determined that people who own tablets are more likely to take part in mobile shopping more frequently, since the device makes the mobile shopping experience more pleasant and encourages those who own both types of mobile device to use their smartphones more frequently. In fact, the survey showed that the tablet owners shop twice as frequently as those who own only smartphones. Moreover, among those participants who owned both types of devices, 40…

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Will magazine publishers make money from their tablet commerce apps?

Tablet Commerce confidence

Magazine publishers are placing a great deal of confidence on apps designed for tablets, with an aggressive new attempt to encourage both new and existing customers to subscribe to new digital editions of their publications. Both Conde Nast and Hearst signed agreements with Apple in May 2011, which allowed tablet users to use the iTunes Store to subscribe to magazines from those publishers. In July, Time made headlines with its announcement that the last 17 of its 21 titles would be available in tablet editions. By that point, Time had…

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