Use of QR code tombstone technology is expanding

QR Codes on headstones

QR Code tombstones

QR codes are speaking for the dead.

Monument companies across the United States are starting to add the option for QR code tombstone technology to their offerings, changing the products available in that industry in a meaningful and significant way for the first time in many years.

For example, the Allen Monument Company in Crawfordsville, Indiana is now offering a patented form of QR code headstone called “Making Everlasting Memories”, which allows a family to use mobile technology to share the stories of their loved ones in a way that is comparable to social media.

How QR codes are being implemented…

Individuals can use their smartphones to scan the barcode and connect with a full memorial website about the deceased individual, the contents of which are decided by the family. It can include elements such as photographs, videos, biographies, and additional information. It can even allow other people to share their own stories about the person and send text messages to the surviving family members.

Though this is a very new technology, the Allen Monument Company is already seeing a great deal of consumer interest in what it has to offer, selling a few each day.

Quiring Monuments Inc. in Seattle, Washington, is seeing similar results with their own monuments that are using QR codes across the United States. This company had already attempted to put other technologies into place, but enjoy the fact these barcodes are both simple and inexpensive.


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The Quiring codes are embedded into the headstones as a part of the grave marker.

They are made out of a metal and plastic composite material. When these barcodes are scanned with a smartphone, they also lead to websites that are designed in memory of the deceased.

Though the tombstones themselves may only be able to display a person’s name and the dates of their birth and death, the mobile website can offer a great deal more information to those visiting the grave to pay their respects – such as pictures – and it can allow other people to leave their comments and additional pictures to share with the family of the deceased.

Quiring is referring to the QR code tombstones as “living headstones” and they will be available for many generations to come.

Article: Use of QR code tombstone technology is expanding
Article Source: Mobile Commerce Press
Author: John Montgallo

Use of QR code tombstone technology is expanding


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