Technology news announce the launch of a new “youthful” BlackBerry

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blackberry technology newsThe latest smartphone has now been released by the manufacturer in selected markets but not the U.S.

BlackBerry has just announced its latest technology news, which includes the release of a new “youthful” smartphone within selected markets in order to test it.

However, this device will not be available to consumers in the United States, at least not right away.

Not long after the latest massive smartphone releases that made technology news headlines from BlackBerry, it has just announced that it is now releasing the BlackBerry Q5 into certain marketplaces. It is the most recent BlackBerry 10 smartphone development, which features a discrete keyed QWERTY keyboard in a youthful and sleek design that is meant to be “confident, fun, and bold.”

All of the features in the smartphone from this latest technology news release are meant for effortless flow.

The real technology news of the BlackBerry Q5 is that it provides a fast experience that moves and flows with the user as he or she creates, explores, and shares, no matter where he or she may be. According to the CEO and president of BlackBerry, Thorsten Heins, “BlackBerry is excited to bring a new BlackBerry QWERTY smartphone, the BlackBerry Q5, to our customers in selected markets around world.”

Heins went on to say that the BlackBerry Q5 provides all of the best features that come with the functionality of the BlackBerry 10 in combination with a QWERTY keyboard. He explained that “It is for youthful fans that are passionate, confident and bold, and it makes it easy for them to have fun, create, share and stay connected.”

At the moment, this technology news will be available to consumers in selected markets in Asia (including the Asia pacific region), Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. It is expected that the devices will be in the hands of these shoppers at the start of July. That said, the company hasn’t given any word as to having intentions to release the product into the United States or Canada. It is believed that the purpose of the release is to help the company to secure a more solid market share within the emerging marketplaces where iOS and Android aren’t quite as strong.

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