Technology news rumors circulating wildly about Amazon Phone

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Experts in the industry have been presenting their projections regarding a smartphone from the company.

The latest technology news reports from mobile industry experts are increasingly suggesting that Amazon will soon be releasing smartphone options for its consumers in addition to its already successful ebook readers and tablets.

In fact, many rumors are starting to say that there will actually be two different smartphones available.

The belief is that one of the Amazon smartphones that will soon be making technology news will have a 3D screen and will have a separate audio streaming device. These speculations follow the reports from last month that suggested that the company is creating a set top box for streaming television shows and movies.

Should these technology news reports be true, Amazon may become direct competition for Apple.

If the rumors are true, then it would appear that Amazon is planning to enter right into this battle with the current leader of the marketplace, Apple. If the smartphones and set top boxes come to reality, then both Amazon and apple will have those devices in addition to tablets and will be competing directly against one another.

Digital content is at the very heart of this technology news. Both Amazon and Apple have a well developed mobile environment in which they sell both hardware and digital content. Apple produced a model that showed that when consumers purchase a specific type of hardware from a company – the iPhone, for instance – then they will be more likely to purchase their digital content directly from the online store of that company – for instance news

Amazon has closely mirrored that model through its introduction of the Kindle ereader and tablet. It has sold a massive number of ebooks for the device users to read. Now, this has expanded to streaming television shows and movies over the Internet. Amazon could solidify a position as a major player by combining hardware with its digital content availability.

Technology news statements are suggesting that it was Kindle that gave the ebook market a true jump start and now Amazon wants to make sure that it is securely embedded as a distribution channel for other forms of media, just as they start to explode.

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