Technology news shakes up with Bill Gates statement against iPads

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Microsoft technology NewsThe creator of Microsoft has created quite a stir with his declaration that consumers are frustrated with the Apple product.

According to one of the latest technology news statements made by Bill Gates, consumers are reaching the point that they are becoming quite frustrated with the iPad tablet device from Apple.

Gates feels that there are many important functionalities that are lacking in the tablet.

The creator of Microsoft, software pioneer and billionaire philanthropist said that the reason that tablet users are starting to lose their patience with the iPad is that they are still seeking the level of functionality that traditional desktops and laptops provide, but are not having their expectations met by the Apple device.

The technology news statement was made on CNBC when Gates appeared with Warren Buffett.

Gates had been asked specifically about the technology news trend in which many people believe that tablets will overtaken PCs. He was also asked about the growth of the cloud and the direction in which that is headed.


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It was at that time that the billionaire took the chance to identify Windows 8 as being “revolutionary in that it takes the benefits of the tablet and benefits of the PC,” and pointed out that his operating system supports both types of device. He explained that with the Microsoft operating system, the company “is trying to gain share in what has been dominated by the iPad-type device. But a lot of those users are frustrated; they can’t type, they can’t create documents, they don’t have Office there.”

The statements that Gates made regarding what can be expected in future technology news, such as the progress of the tablet, the evolution of laptops and PCs, and the successes that Microsoft will see, are all creating a considerable stir in the industry. There are already some very strong opinions being formed about the progress of mobile versus traditional computers, and while some found Gates’ opinions to be right in line with the way that they feel, others couldn’t have disagreed more strongly.

Only time will tell whether Microsoft is on its way back to being a leader and whether Gates is right in his technology news headline, that consumers are falling out of love with the Apple version of the tablet.

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