Windows Phone is on life support and BlackBerry OS has kicked the bucket

windows phone - mobile operating system

New market share info have revealed that BB10 is officially irrelevant and Microsoft’s mobile OS is close behind. Recently released data from WORLDWIDE research showed Windows Phone and BlackBerry mobile operating systems have essentially slipped into complete irrelevance. The sheer size and popularity of Android and iOS have crushed them. While BlackBerry OS has slipped down to a 0 percent market share, Microsoft’s mobile OS has only 0.3 percent. Analysis of Windows Phone figures clearly shows that Microsoft’s mobile operating system is being left behind. It simply can’t keep up…

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Microsoft may be breaking into mobile payments

Mobile Payments service

Reports suggest that new company could be Microsoft’s first step into the mobile commerce market Microsoft may be building its own mobile payments service. There have been reports that Microsoft has established a new company, called Microsoft Payments, which may represent the company’s first step into the world of mobile commerce. Microsoft Payments has reportedly obtained a license from the Idaho Department of Finance, which would allow it to process transactions made over a mobile platform, which has yet to be announced officially. Microsoft Payments is seeking licensing from states…

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Microsoft updates its Windows Phone Bing Translator app

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Technology giant Microsoft has released updates to its famous Bing Translator mobile application. The application can be used to translate printed words by simply taking a picture. The Bing Translator has been useful for many travelers as it enabled them to read foreign languages in their native tongue. Microsoft believes that the system can be more intuitive, thus the company has updated the platform to use augmented reality. This will allow users to translate text in real time, but is only one of the application’s new features. The Bing Translator…

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Microsoft registers new NFC Tap and Do trademark for Windows 8

Microsoft mobile secrurity Outlook app

Technology giant Microsoft seems to have plans to enter the arena of NFC. The company has applied to register a new patent for its upcoming Microsoft Tap and Do initiative. According to the application, the trademark will be used to cover all of the company’s products that make use of NFC technology. This includes hardware, such as computers and mobile devices, as well as computer software. While this has implications for Microsoft’s long-term goals with technology, one of the mark’s immediate uses may be with the Windows Phone 8. The…

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2012 top tech trends that will be revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show

Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annual business event where many of the announcements about the very latest in mobile, computing, video game consoles and a great deal more are made, and this year’s Las Vegas event will be no exception to this rule. The only element missing from the CES has been Apple devices which, since 2007, when it introduced the iPhone, have been revealed alongside but not at the event. Therefore, experts from around the world watch this show to find out where technology will be headed throughout…

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