Microsoft updates its Windows Phone Bing Translator app

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Technology giant Microsoft has released updates to its famous Bing Translator mobile application.

The application can be used to translate printed words by simply taking a picture. The Bing Translator has been useful for many travelers as it enabled them to read foreign languages in their native tongue. Microsoft believes that the system can be more intuitive, thus the company has updated the platform to use augmented reality. This will allow users to translate text in real time, but is only one of the application’s new features.

The Bing Translator comes pre-installed on all Windows Phone mobile devices. With the augmented reality update, the application can use a mobile device’s camera to super impose text over that written in a foreign language. This will allow users to translate text in real time without having to take a picture and wait for the application to do the work. Users will be able to browse the text at their leisure and can control the speed of the translation to better suit their reading habits.

The application has also been updated with a conversation mode too…

This allows users to translate speech in real time and will help them converse in other languages. This could be especially useful for those that have trouble picking up a new language as it will help them communicate to others as they travel to different countries. The application was also updated with a new feature that presents the user with a new word each day. The word depends on the language the user would like to know more about and the application will provide definition and examples for the word’s use.

Currently, the Bing Translator is only available for the Windows Phone. Microsoft does not have plans to expand the availability of the application at this time. The Bing Translator can interpret English, Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chinese, and Italian – making it one of the most comprehensive translator mobile applications currently available.

Microsoft has plans to expand the languages supported by the app in the future, as well as introduce more updates that expand the app’s features.

Article: Microsoft updates its Windows Phone Bing Translator app
Article Source: Mobile Commerce Press
Author: Stephen Vagus

Microsoft updates its Windows Phone Bing Translator app


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