Walmart back-to-school app designed to help people shop in stores

Walmart back-to-school app - Back to school blocks - paper - pencil

The discount retail giant launched new app features to improve back-to-school in-store and mobile shopping. The new Walmart back-to-school app feature enables parents to search and shop for their child’s actual school supplies list. They can then use the app to locate the store isle where they can find the item, according a recent announcement from Walmart. Items can also be delivered directly to their homes. For those parents with busy schedules or who simply don’t feel like making the trek to their local Walmart store to buy the items…

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Walmart Pay mobile payments app has finally arrived

chase qr codes Walmart Pay Mobile Payments app

After hinting, testing and piloting for a long time, the retail giant has finally rolled out the application. The fact that Walmart had a mobile payments app up its sleeve is coming as a surprise to absolutely nobody as it has been talking about it, testing it and running pilot programs for some time now, but what is making headlines is the final rollout of the application and the way competitors in this sphere are being treated. This is the largest effort the retailer has made to try to bump…

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QR codes are central to Walmart’s new mobile payment system

Walmart Pay app QR codes self checkout

The retail giant has launched a system to compete with Apple Pay and that uses quick response codes. Walmart recently announced that it would be including itself among the newest players in the mobile payments category and that its branded system, Walmart Pay, would use QR codes as a part of the transaction verification process. The name of the mobile payments system makes it clear that it is meant to compete with Apple, Samsung and Google, among others. The system based on QR codes has now gone live in select…

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Walmart takes another whack at m-commerce

Walmart m-commerce gadgets exchange

The retail giant is now adding a number of smartphone friendly services and features. Walmart has had its ups and downs when it comes to the efforts that it has made to be successful in m-commerce, and now it is taking a few more steps in this direction in the hopes of getting it right. The biggest change is that it is hoping to entirely transition itself away from paper receipts and toward digital. Although e-receipts are nothing new and they are offered by many retailers, already, typically they are…

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