Study shows that 50% of U.S. smart phone owners have scanned QR codes

QR Code

A new study from Chadwick Martin Bailey, a mobile market research and analysis firm, shows that smart phone owners are still somewhat divided on how they feel about QR codes. The study focused on how people are using the QR codes they encounter. The codes have been used in a wide variety of marketing campaigns, mostly ones in which companies distribute discounts amongst consumers. Some codes are beginning to show up that, when scanned, allow consumers to make purchases. The study notes that discount distribution continues to be the most…

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New 2D barcode sweepstakes record set by SHAPE Magazine

Microsoft Tag

Top women’s active lifestyle magazine, SHAPE, has announced the massive success of its mobile sweepstakes that used 2D barcodes… such as QR codes, and Microsoft Tags – which broke previous records of the use of the technology, with almost 400,000 scans. The sweepstakes was detailed in the November issue of the magazine in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the brand. The campaign was created by the mobile marketing company called Nellymoser, and involved an interactive sweepstakes that gave the magazine’s readers the chance to win one of nearly 1000…

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Art In Public Places brings QR codes to Knoxville, Tennessee

QR Code Art

Art in Public Places Knoxville, a public art initiative that it part of the city’s overarching art program, has adopted QR codes as a way to make the various art pieces set up in downtown areas more engaging for smart phone users. The codes will be affixed to description plates for more than 22 sculptures and will hold information concerning the piece and its creator. Art in Public places has teamed with U.S. Cellular, a wireless telecommunications company, to make the imitative possible. U.S. Cellular will be creating the codes…

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Report shows the growing popularity of QR codes around the world

QR Code Growth - Image from 3GVision

3GVision, a leading mobile technology company specializing in barcodes, has released their latest report concerning the global growth of QR codes. The company has been releasing these reports at regular intervals for the past two years as a way to help those invested in mobile marketing gauge the progress of QR codes. The report shows that consumers throughout the world are beginning to make use of QR codes. Should these trends continue, the codes are likely to become one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world. According to…

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