Augmented reality Barbie Mirror lets kids try makeup without the mess

  The AR technology allows children to apply digital eye shadow and lipstick without using mommy’s products. Many children love the experience of trying on makeup just like what their mothers and favorite television characters wear, and Barbie is now providing and augmented reality experience to help to make this experience more fun and less messy. This can help children to try out many different colors and techniques without smearing lipstick everywhere. Mattel is using the augmented reality Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror to provide children with the traditional experience of…

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Tesco embraces augmented reality with new venture

QR codes and Augmented Reality Campaign for Tesco

Tesco launching a new augmented reality campaign United Kingdom retail giant Tesco has launched a new initiative that will make use of augmented reality to engage consumers. The retailer will be introducing its augmented reality venture in three of its UK stores, hoping to create a multi-channel shopping experience for consumers that are interested in the company’s F&F clothing line. Augmented reality will not be the only interactive technology that the retailer tests for its new campaign, but it is likely to be one of the most successful technologies that…

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Augmented reality content now available in latest Taylor Swift album

Taylor swift augmented reality

The singer’s mobile app provides exclusive additional features to “Red”. The leading augmented reality platform, Aurasma, has joined with Big Machine Records for the release of the latest release by Taylor Swift, which will now reveal exclusive AR video content to tablet and smartphone users who view the “Red” album using the singer’s app. The only way that this bonus material can be seen is through the viewfinder when the app is running. The additional augmented reality content includes a video of Taylor Swift, who discusses the inspiration behind the…

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