Augmented reality Barbie Mirror lets kids try makeup without the mess


The AR technology allows children to apply digital eye shadow and lipstick without using mommy’s products.

Many children love the experience of trying on makeup just like what their mothers and favorite television characters wear, and Barbie is now providing and augmented reality experience to help to make this experience more fun and less messy.

This can help children to try out many different colors and techniques without smearing lipstick everywhere.

Mattel is using the augmented reality Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror to provide children with the traditional experience of trying on makeup and practicing its application, but without having to use mommy’s products or end up with pink fingerprints on the walls and carpet.

The augmented reality product can be used with an iPad tablet, with is sold separately.

It consists of a vanity frame that is attached to the iPad. It allows children to “try” lipstick, eye shadow, and glitter, to see how they look. This is accomplished through augmented reality technology that is used through the iPad in combination with photo facial recognition and a wand that dips into pretend makeup so that it can be applied. When the user looks in the mirror, the makeup appears to have been applied on the face.

This allows children to enjoy play makeovers without having to make a mess or clean up afterward. If a mistake is made or if a different color is desired, the child can simply start again. It takes a while to get the hang of the color application, as it is easy to apply too much, but that is all a part of the learning process for real makeup application, so it is not being seen as a drawback.

Users can add more or wipe off colors to experiment with different looks and shades. Once the augmented reality mirror displays a look that the child likes, they can save it into a digital scrapbook, or they can even share the image with their friends through their Facebook social network page.

The augmented reality app can be used without the vanity mirror frame, but the added physical features – such as white makeup lights – are not provided without this addition.

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