How brands aren’t keeping up with m-commerce

Mobile Commerce

The most recent L2 Prestige Mobile IQ report has indicated that most of the top brands are falling behind on the latest opportunities being offered by mobile marketing and m-commerce. The report also indicated that these leading brands were using effective mobile marketing techniques at a surprisingly low level. It examined the use of mobile sites, apps, and marketing (including SMS) as well as the brands’ overall integration and innovation. L2, the creator of the study, stated that within the upcoming years, the companies that will be the most successful…

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How will mobile effect the presidential campaign in 2012

US Political Mobile Media Campaign

Among the strongest elements Obama’s 2008 election campaign was the fact that it used innovative and unique new techniques that applied technology to raise funds from large corporations such as CommerceTel Corp., as well as Verizon Communications, Walt Disney, and other U.S. giants. By using these methods to their fullest for the 2012 campaign, Obama should be able to raise $1 billion this time around. This is because campaigns that embrace the potential that technology has to offer will have a notable advantage over its competition. In the last election,…

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In store scan-and-scram shopper management strategies

Mobile Marketing

Mobile is now making a solid place for itself, and retailers need to make sure that their strategies are prepared for this new kind of shopper that will use the device to gain information, who are prepared to leave a store after scanning a product’s barcode in order to find better prices online, and who will shop from the comfort of their own home without even heading out to a store’s physical location. Some of the suggestions that have been made for these retailers to make sure that they are…

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